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All of you.

2014-02-04 22:00:27 by Enoll

You people make me sick.  

I am everywhere. At once.

2013-05-02 23:27:26 by Enoll

I find that when I pop up anywhere on the internet or in any game and use my Enoll name no one ever believes
that it's me. Maybe I'm too wide spread.
Haha, spread.


2013-02-22 04:06:40 by Enoll

My account is still here.
So Newgrounds, we meet again.

Not dead.

2011-12-07 04:43:21 by Enoll

I look at my picture and realise, hah, that was so long ago.

From the shadows.

2011-01-17 06:22:27 by Enoll

I am watching.

Still around....

2008-09-16 01:15:57 by Enoll

I'm still around, I've just been in hiding.

Good ol' cards....

Still around....

Still a dad....

2008-07-21 07:16:06 by Enoll

Yup, and it's still awesome, infact, more awesome.
Also, Caitlin is still cute (picture below).

Still a dad....

It's a girl!

2008-02-21 05:42:47 by Enoll

On wensday the 13th, Caitlin Mia Baker was born into this world.
She weighed 8 pounds 4 and she is so beautifull.
Here is pictorial proof I am not all the way gay.

It's a girl!

Getting there....

2008-01-22 09:25:43 by Enoll

Three weeks and two days till the due date of my first child.
It's all getting abit frantic.
These ante-natal classes are just really kind of boring for the most part...

I think I've figured out than most of the stuff guys do in getting ready, (reading books and such) isn't just for the peace of mind of the girl but to stop us from freaking out abit too.
The general message you get from everywhere is : "Shit is going to be ok". Wich is good on all levels.
I know you people don't care about my offspring but fuck it, I need somewhere to vent feelings when my lady isn't around.
I'm actually getting excited and mushy. I spent like 30 minutes last night cuddling the baby bump and talking to it. Makes me wonder if unborn children can ever comprehend what you're saying....

Also, what do they dream about? Studies show they DO dream...but what of?
Mind fuck. We've got some deep shit going on here trend setters.

Also, this picture makes me now literaly laugh out loud whenever I see it.

Getting there....

Shit cakes.

2008-01-19 05:52:03 by Enoll

I'm drunker than Errol Flyn over in this bitch.

Shit cakes.